Meet our Gerkens® Engineers

The Gerkens® Cocoa Engineers are a group of passionate experts who understand how to make goodness happen on every level. They’re here to develop and create cocoa powders and recipes that perfectly fit your needs and consumers’ demands.

Even after 30 years working in R&D roles in the cocoa industry I am still dedicated to building customer intimacy. It is a process that never ends and we always strive to better understand our customers and their needs

Dick Brinkman
R&D Leader Cocoa EMEA


The sensory team is developing the best possible sensory design for our cocoa products, with deep understanding of taste for consumers' behavior and expectations

Desiree van den Burg
Sensory Specialist Cocoa Products


We have great facilities available for doing application work for our customers and we are passionate about helping them develop new premium cocoa products.

Lois Walley
Technical Account Manager Cocoa


While we invest in a more sustainable cocoa sector and improved livelihoods for cocoa farming communities, we make sure consumers can enjoy delicious cocoa products with a peace of mind.

Commercial Marketing Manager Sustainability

woman holding chocolate bars